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Those In Most Need

Reading the story of the Fatima, it may be tempting to think that it has nothing to say to the people of today, that it offers no on-going relevance to our age. This would be a tragic error, of course; the message of Fatima is as important today as it was then – indeed, more so.

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The Church of England has begun a prayer initiative called ‘Thy Kingdom Come’, which is summarised as ‘a global wave of prayer’ beginning on the feast of the Ascension and ending on the great feast of Pentecost.

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With You Always

The Ascension is the end of one part of the history of salvation, the earthly life of the Lord, and the beginning of the next part, the ministry of the Church – and which will end only when the Lord comes again in glory.

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Rosary On The Coast

Catholics across the United Kingdom will gather in groups along the British coastline tomorrow to pray the Rosary in honour of the Mother of God, and to ask Her intercession for faith, life and peace in the British Isles.

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Light Amidst Darkness

As Christians, we need to keep our eyes firmly focussed on the One who is the true Light of the world, that light which the world cannot overcome. His divine light enlightens all things.

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Divine Mercy

A Soul That Loves Him Sincerely

Our love should be like a fire blazing among thorns - all consuming, radiating it's heat and it's light to those around us until they, too, are ablaze. When this is so, then we are on the road to sanctity.

The Spiritual Life

Our Lady and the Saints

Mary, Mother of the Church

In March Pope Francis announced that the Church will celebrate the feast of 'Mary, Mother of the Church' - while the universal feast might be new, the title itself is an ancient and venerable title of the Mother of God.