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Come Follow Me

All of us are part of the divine plan and are called to respond to the particular plan which the Lord has for each and every one of us. The Saints became Saints precisely because of the way in which they responded to the Lord.

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Holy Water

We use Holy Water for three principal reasons – as a sign of our sorrow for our sins, to ask protection from evil, and to recall to us our Baptism, when Holy Water was poured over us.

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A Continuous Battle

The Devil makes use of many strategies to discourage us or prevent us from doing good. All of us are subject to his actions in this way but we have the grace of God, prayer and the Sacraments to support us.

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Divine Mercy

The Treasures Of My Heart

Christ prays continually for us before the Father in Heaven; in our prayer, we join Him in this prayer of His. And His prayer gives us access to an infinite treasury of grace, for us and for others.

The Spiritual Life

The Gift of Pilgrimage

Pilgrimage is about journey - but perhaps not so much about miles travelled, as it is about the journey we are prepared to make outwith ourselves; it is a journey of the heart more than the feet.

Our Lady and the Saints

In Her Heart

Mary is the supreme contemplative. Her prayer arises from and contributes to Her singular holiness. We enter into Her Immaculate Heart and there, we find the Lord awaiting us.