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He Is Risen

‘On this day, Lord God, You opened for us the way to eternal life through Your only Son’s victory over death. On this beautiful Easter Sunday, may the Risen Lord greatly bless all who celebrate His glorious resurrection from the dead.

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You Are Peter

I often wonder what drew the Lord to call Simon Peter the fisherman as His first Apostle, I wonder, too, what it was about the Lord that made Peter instantly leave all behind and do as he had been invited to do – what exactly did the Lord see in Peter?

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Divine Mercy

The Spiritual Life

Sweet As Honey

Prayer is our response to encountering the Lord. An exceptionally powerful way of spending time in the company of the Lord, learning from Him and becoming enkindled by Him, is by reading Scripture.

Our Lady and the Saints

Our Lady’s Confidante

It's easy to assume that Bernadette Soubirous was declared a Saint because she saw Our Lady; the reality, however, is somewhat different. Her real path to sanctity began after she left Lourdes.