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Fatima at Carfin Grotto

For anyone who thinks the faith is dying a slow death in Scotland, the crowds of people at Carfin Grotto yesterday evening would beg to differ. Several hundred had come specially to honour the Mother of God.

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Those In Most Need

It may be tempting to think that Fatima has nothing to say to the people of today. This would be a tragic error, of course; the message of Fatima is as important today as it was then – indeed, more so.

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A Nation Acclaims It’s Queen

Hearing the Bishops and the people of Scotland publicly consecrating themselves and our nation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, a great array of voices rising up like incense, is perhaps the most beautiful thing I have ever heard and I was deeply moved. I have no doubt that all of Heaven was listening intently, too; and I pray that this Consecration will be found pleasing and acceptable by God.

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