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The Secret Of The Rosary

“A prayer so easy and yet so rich..” – Pope St John Paul II   Although it may be the most popular of all Catholic devotions and even the one most associated with being Catholic, the Rosary causes perplexity for some. It is ‘vain repetition’, say some outwith the Catholic faith; it is ‘old-fashioned and only for old women’, say some within the Catholic faith. I wrote about this last concern previously in a post called Men And The Rosary. And for some, particularly those who wish to persevere, it can be difficult to determine how best to actually pray...

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Men and the Rosary

In January of this year, I wrote about The Rosary Revival and in that post, I said this – “In ‘Marialis Cultus’, Pope Paul gives a hint as to the reasons why the praying of the Rosary was falling to the side – ‘In our time, the changes that have occurred in social behaviour, people’s sensibilities, manners of expression in art and letters and in the forms of social communication have also influenced the manifestations of religious sentiment. Certain practices of piety that not long ago seemed suitable for expressing the religious sentiment of individuals and of Christian communities...

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The Light Of The Rosary

“Confidently take up the Rosary once again. Rediscover the Rosary in the light of Scripture, in harmony with the Liturgy, and in the context of your daily lives.” This was the expressed hope of Pope St John Paul II in 2002, addressed to each and every one of us when he gave us his beautiful Apostolic Letter ‘Rosarium Virginis Mariae’. In another article here, there is an exploration of the current Rosary Revival which is taking place. St John Paul had reminded us that “a prayer so easy and yet so rich truly deserves to be rediscovered by the Christian community”....

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The Rosary Revival

“A prayer so easy and yet so rich..” – Pope St John Paul II   At the present time, it seems there is something of a resurgence in the praying of the holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary. There are new books on the subject, renewed calls to it’s prayerful recitation, and Apostolic documents calling on the faithful to take up their beads and pray with fervour and devotion. Most recently, Father Donald Calloway has written an extraordinary and very full book entitled ‘Champions Of The Rosary’ which begins by detailing the history and development of the Rosary, the waxing...

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