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The Soldiers Will Return Home

  “The war is going to end and the soldiers will return home ..” (Our Lady of Fatima, 13th October 1917)     Today, Remembrance Sunday, we remember the end of the so-called ‘Great War’, World War I, the 99th anniversary of which – Armistice Day – was yesterday. The War begun in July 1914 and finally ended in November 1918 – at the ‘eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month’, the guns finally fell silent. Before then, around 16 million people had died in this “war to end all wars”. World War I had been...

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Hail, Queen of Peace

‘Ave Regina Pacis!’ Hail, Queen of Peace! Hail, holy Mother of the Lord, the Prince of Peace. To You and to Your Immaculate Heart, the Lord has entrusted the peace of the world. In Your motherly compassion, look with pity upon Your poor children here on earth, who plead with You to obtain that great gift of true and lasting peace for the world, knowing with certainty that only You can assist us in our hour of need. Cast Your motherly eyes upon us as we stand in need of the Lord’s peace, that peace which ‘surpasses all human understanding’...

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Pray for Our National Consecration

Next weekend, a very important event will take part at Carfin Grotto, the national shrine in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary. On Sunday 3rd September, Archbishop Philip Tartaglia and the Bishops of Scotland will consecrate Scotland to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, an event which has never taken place before, although it has certainly been preceded by several local Diocesan Consecrations. A Vigil will take place the evening before, on Saturday 2nd September. There will be exposition and adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament, the prayer of the Rosary each hour between 7pm and 10pm, and the Vigil...

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