"My daughter, give Me souls. Know that it is your mission to win souls for Me by prayer and sacrifice, and by encouraging them to trust in My mercy."

('Divine Mercy In My Soul': Diary of Saint Faustina, para.1690)

Most Merciful Jesus, grant us the grace to clearly perceive that the battle is about souls, and that only this matters; all things pass in this world, but eternity is beyond this world and is without end. Souls can be won for You, or be lost - and the choice is everlasting.

As Christians, we are called to follow You, Lord. We are called to 'be holy, as your Father in Heaven is holy', and this call to holiness extends to all the faithful - every one of us must play our part, for we are 'one body, one Church'. We become holy by seeking Your divine grace and then, having been granted it as free gift, by responding to it's inspirations in every moment of our lives, so living lives of holiness. Prayer and sacrifice are the fruits of this divine grace - and they are the means by which we learn how to really trust in You, O Lord, and to relinquish the vain trust we place in ourselves. And in trusting in You, this trust draws other souls to you. May this grace of trusting in You radiate from us and touch all those around us.

Most Merciful Lord, You see our weakness and our inability. Look beyond this, and see only our desire to please You and to trust in You perfectly. Accept our prayers and our sacrifices for the good of souls and of Your holy Church, that all may come to trust in Your mercy ever more perfectly.

Jesus, we TRUST in You.

Our Lady, Mother of Mercy, pray for us.

Saint Faustina, Apostle and Secretary of the Divine Mercy, pray for us.