‘Divine Mercy In My Soul’

extracts from the Diary of Saint Faustina

“I was in Heaven, in spirit.. I saw how great is happiness in God, which spreads to all creatures, making them happy; and then all the glory and praise which springs from this happiness returns to it’s source; and they enter into the depths of God, contemplating the inner life of God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Whom they will never comprehend nor fathom.”

(Diary, entry no.777)

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Glory Be

Today the Church celebrates the feast of the Most Holy Trinity, this foundation-stone of our Faith, the great Mystery which is concerned with God Himself, in His nature and His three divine Persons.

St Louis – Prayer to Jesus

O most loving Jesus, deign to let me pour forth my gratitude before Thee, for the grace Thou hast bestowed upon me in giving me to Thy holy Mother. (St Louis Marie de Montfort)

The Sacred Heart

The Church dedicates the month of June to devotion to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus – a devotion which He Himself asked for, and one which the Church has wholeheartedly embraced.

Truly the Lord

“Come to Me, all you who labour and are burdened, and I will give you rest” says the Lord. “Learn from Me, for I am meek and humble of heart, and you will find rest for yourselves.”

The Sacrifice Of Prayer

These words of the Merciful Jesus to Saint Faustina are nothing less than a masterclass on the power of prayer. The Lord makes it clear in what that power consists – it is the power to save souls.

O Blessed Host

For many of us, we lose this sense of interior joy at the thought of receiving the Lord in the Eucharist. How did we come to this? And how do we regain that which we have lost?

F e a t u r e d    C o n t e n t

The Letters of Saint Faustina

The private letters of Saint Faustina, written to her family, her Sisters and Superiors in religion, and to her beloved Confessors. These letters provide an insight into her interior spirituality and those matters closest to her heart.

Time Of Action

Let us thank the Lord for commissioning His servant, St Faustina, to have this Image painted, and for the endeavours of His servant, Blessed Father Sopocko, who arranged the painting.

United With The Lord

To be saintly, our love must be truly heroic – it is this which leads to true sanctity. We must try to achieve this, and be certain that we have loved as much as we are capable of loving.

Know How To Submit

We have a necessarily limited vision – sometimes, seeing no more than what is directly in front of us, and then only when it is very well lit. The Lord takes a broader view of things.

F e a t u r e d    C o n t e n t

Cor Immaculata

Dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Saints, this section of the site features original articles on various aspects of Marian devotion and spirituality. It will enkindle your devotion to the Mother of God. Learn something of why so many of the Saints and Popes were deeply devoted to the Queen of Heaven, our Model in the faith.

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“Mary is so closely united to Jesus because she received from Him the knowledge of the heart, the knowledge of faith, nourished by Her experience as a mother and by Her close relationship with Her Son.”  – Pope Francis

Recent Marian articles on Cor Immaculata

The Divine Window

In some ways, Mary is like a great clear window onto the divine. Through this window pours divine light – undimmed, unchanged, undiminished – and the window in no way opposes that light.

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The Preparation Period

My notebook is filling up with my thoughts and experiences on the process of preparation as I look forward to the Feast of Pentecost, and at intervals, I write down my resolutions and good intentions.

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Give It All To Mary

Our recent Holy Fathers – especially Francis and John Paul – have set us a good and strong example on giving everything to the Blessed Virgin Mary, in the manner recommended by St Louis de Montfort.

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