“All at once, I saw the Image in some small Chapel and at that moment I saw that the Chapel became an enormous and beautiful temple. And in this temple I saw the Mother of God with the Infant in Her arms.”

(Words of St Faustina, Diary, para.561)

The express desire of the Lord is that the Image of Divine Mercy be publicly venerated. He attaches great graces to this veneration, as the Image is a vessel of grace and a means of holiness.

The Image is now found in numerous Churches throughout the world.

In these places, the Lord bestows great grace to draw souls to this Image; through the Image, souls come to know Him better and learn to TRUST in Him more deeply and profoundly – and in this way, they advance along the paths of holiness.

Where the Lord is, we will find His Mother, too; She is deeply concerned in this work of Mercy, desiring that we come to know and love Her Son as He deserves. She is our Mediatrix before Him, obtaining for us innumerable graces from His Sacred Heart.

Pray today that this work of mercy will expand, so that through the veneration of this holy Image of Divine Mercy, many more souls will come to know and love the Lord and walk the road of holiness, to which we are all called.