“If a soul loves God sincerely and is intimately united to Him, then even though such a soul may be living in the midst of difficult external circumstances, noting can disturb it’s interior life; and in the midst of corruption, it can remain pure and unsullied; because the great love of God gives it strength for battle, and God also protects in a special way, even in a miraculous ways, a soul that loves Him sincerely.”

(Words of St Faustina, Diary #1094)

Union with God is the key to everything else; it is what God desires of us, and it is what our own hearts desire, even though we may not always realise it. Saint Augustine said something similar – ‘our hearts are restless until they rest in Thee’. When we are united to God in love, He lives within us and we in Him. And this union produces numerous graces and benefits within the soul, as Saint Faustina notes in her words above.

One of these particular graces is His peace. Our Lords tells us so in Scripture – He will give us His own peace, which is above all human understanding, and a peace the world cannot give. In that peace, nothing can disturb us, no evil can harm us, for the Lord is truly with us.

Loving God means just that – we love Him above all else. Christ also tells us what He thinks of the lukewarm. Our love should be like a fire blazing among thorns – all consuming, radiating it’s heat and it’s light to those around us until they, too, are ablaze. When this is so, then we are on the road to sanctity.