“All for You, Jesus. I desire to adore Your mercy with every beat of my heart and, to the extent that I am able, to encourage souls to trust in that mercy, as You Yourself have commanded me, O Lord.”

(Diary, para.1234)

St Faustina Kowalska

These words from the Diary of Saint Faustina are a great reminder of one of the core tenets of the Divine Mercy devotion – it is not enough that we ourselves trust in the Lord; we are called to go beyond this and to draw others souls to a similar trust and in this way, extend the mercy of God.

So how are we to do this?

Different people will have different means at their disposal; some will share their own experience of the mercy of God and draw other souls to trust in that mercy; others will proclaim the mercy of God, touching hearts and  drawing souls in this way; others will exhibit mercy, particularly when it is most difficult to do so Рand this living witness of mercy will obtain graces for souls; and yet others will spend their lives praying for the mercy of God for souls and for the world.

What is important is that each of us look for, recognise, and respond to what the Lord asks of us. We are to be vessels of divine mercy, shining mirrors reflecting that mercy into a darkened world. He places various means before us, now we need to do something useful with those means.

May the Lord, Who is mercy and love itself, lead us to be apostles of His mercy, as He sees fit.