“It should be of no concern to you how anyone else acts; you are to be My living reflection, through love and mercy.. be always merciful toward other people, and especially sinners.”

(Diary of Saint Faustina, para.1446)

St Faustina Kowalska

One of the great pitfalls of the spiritual life is the temptation to look upon other with a judgemental glance, usually perceiving ourselves to be greater than them, and them to be lesser than us. Of course, this is nothing short of perilous; humility is the foundation of all virtue and as soon as it is lost, pride quickly takes it place – and spiritual pride is the worst variety. As though this were not bad enough, feeling superior to others generally means that our capacity to be merciful is reduced, if not lost altogether.

Judgementalism makes the human heart grow cold.

Comparisons with others is a diversion from the path we are called to walk. Every soul has it’s own path, for it alone, decreed by the Lord who alone can judge the heart and intentions, and who alone knows the capacities of every person.

True humility consists of knowing that before the infinite majesty and holiness of the Lord, we are nothing more than dust in a sunbeam. When we clearly and truly perceive ourselves as such, then true humility can begin. Part of that humility is in knowing that we are sinners, and that – as Saint Matthew tells us, as we judge, so shall we be judged.

Our task is to reflect the love and the mercy of the Lord in our very thought, word and deed; if we attend to this properly, we will have neither the time to judge others and compare ourselves to them, nor to inclination to do so, for we will see this as the deception it really is.

To be without a sense of judgement toward others makes the human heart glow brightly, as the fire of the Sacred Heart begins to burn within it.

In all things, may we be every more merciful to others and particularly to sinners, recognising clearly that we, too, are sinners, and in need of mercy.