¬© Image courtesy of the Diocese of Motherwell –¬†Diocesan Mass at the Chapel of Our Lady, Maid of the Seas (‘The Glass Chapel’) at Carfin Grotto, Scotland’s national Marian shrine

Following on from the post about the place of, and need for, prayer, the Diocese of Motherwell today held a Mass at Carfin Grotto, led by Bishop Toal. The Mass was offered for the intentions of the Synod which takes place later this year and which is dedicated to looking at the family and family life.

There is no greater prayer than the Sacrifice of the Mass.

Offering Mass for a particular intention, whether personal, local, national or global, draws down immeasurable graces and mercy from Heaven. Now, that is not to say that our particular intentions are answered in the way we might hope or expect. The Lord knows better than us what we need; we see with very human eyes, fixed in space and time, whilst He sees with divine wisdom and His perspective is eternal.

That said, we can be absolutely certain that the Lord will grant what is best for us and what is most helpful in conforming us to His holy will.

The Synod on the Family is immensely important and will address all sorts of questions and seek to find at least some answers to some of those questions. Perhaps all of us, between now and the opening of the Synod, could do as the Diocese did today and keep the Synod in our prayers; and remember, too, those Bishops who will participate in that Synod.

May the Most Merciful Jesus grant each of them His light, His wisdom and His grace. And may the Most Holy Virgin, the Mother of the Church, assist them with Her very powerful and maternal intercession.