“O truth, so often oppressed, you nearly always wear a crown of thorns! O Eternal Truth, support me that I may have the courage to speak the truth even if it would come about that I would pay for it with my life. O Jesus, how hard it is to believe in this, when one sees one thing taught and something else lived.”

(Words of St Faustina – Diary entry 1482)

Pontius Pilate recognised Truth but ignored it, paying the price as a result – in trying to wash his hands of it, he became forever associated with his disregard of it. Saint Faustina both recognised and followed Truth, remaining faithful to it throughout her earthly life, even though it cost her much to do so.

For us as Catholics, truth is not just a concept or an ideal; Truth is a Person – Jesus Christ. He Himself tells us that He is “the way, the truth and the life” (John 14:6) and as such, He is the only way to the Father. If we profess to be Catholic, we must be aware that others will judge us on that profession – and they will be particularly quick to do so when our faithfulness is perceived to be lacking. Worse still, when we profess one thing but live in a way contrary to what we profess, we risk giving scandal to others and bringing retribution upon ourselves.

Faithfulness to the Truth will often cost us in one way or another. Hypocrisy will bear a greater cost.

May the Lord, Who is Mercy and Truth, grant us the grace to follow Him always in faithfulness and in docility to His will.