In a little over an hour from now, Bishop Joseph Toal of the Diocese of Motherwell, Scotland, will close the Door of Mercy situated in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Good Aid. The Diocese estimates that around 100,000 people have passed through this Door since it opened at the start of the Jubilee Year.

doorofmercy_motherwelldiocese2Indeed, our Diocese has been very blessed in having not one, but two Doors of Mercy – the other being located at Carfin Grotto, and which Bishop Toal closed this morning.

The wish of the Holy Father to have Doors of Mercy opened in all the Dioceses of the world was an inspired idea – after all, how appropriate that this particular Jubilee, which is open to all and excludes no-one, should be replicated in as many places as possible, for all those for whom travelling to Rome was not possible.

The Holy Father even noted at the start of the Year that this really was a Jubilee for everyone – even for those in prison, for whom the door of their cell would be a Door of Mercy.

It has been very consoling to see Parishes within the Diocese – and across the world – actively taking part in the Jubilee Year, proclaiming that Gospel message of Mercy very loudly and clearly, drawing souls back to the Church and the Sacraments, drawing the faithful deeper into the daily living out of their Faith. These parishes have made good use of the Missionaries of Mercy and have organised days of retreat, special events, conferences, vigils and services of Mercy and Reconciliation. All of this works toward the good of souls, it acts as a conduit of great grace and is a blessing for all those hearing and living that message of Mercy.

Today, I give thanks to the Merciful Lord for His infinite kindness at every moment of this Jubilee Year – and especially for those Priests and laity who have worked tirelessly to bring to life the message of Mercy in our day.