I recently bought a copy of ‘Encounters With Holiness’ – a new book by Father John Catoir, JCD. The back cover notes that ‘the last century produced an extraordinarily large number of saints’ and the book is a collection of interviews with some of those people. Some of those, such as Pope John Paul II, have been canonised already; others are on the road to canonisation, such as Blessed Teresa of Calcutta and Venerable Archbishop Sheen of New York. As the book also notes, many truly holy people will never be formally recognised in this life, but they are shining examples of true holiness regardless of that.

I look forward very much to reading the contents of the book in it’s entirety, but for now, I can’t get past the preface, which is a brief essay on the nature of holiness. The reason I can’t get past the preface is not in any way a criticism of the book nor of the author; on the contrary, I think it reflects a compliment – I find it filled with gems which make me stop and pause and think. I can’t get much further till the thinking on this part is done. I hope that will be soon, as I’m desperate to read the interviews.