Describing her entrance to the Convent, St Faustina writes –

“When Mother Superior..came out to meet me, she told go to the Lord of the house and ask whether He would accept me.. With great joy, I went to the Chapel and asked Jesus: ‘Lord of this house, do You accept me?’.. Immediately, I heard this voice: ‘I do accept. You are in My Heart’.”

Diary, para.14

St Faustina Kowalska

As humans, we tend to love making plans of one sort or another, for every aspect of our lives. But as we all know, not everything turns out as we might wish – life has a habit of getting in the way and changing those places. The temptation, perhaps, is that we make plans with no reference except to ourselves and our own desires – plans can often simply be about what we want for ourselves.

The great lesson in the above words from Saint Faustina is that we should place everything in the hands of the Lord – not only in actually doing things, but also at the considering and planning stages. In other words – is what we want for ourselves in accord with what the Lord wants for us? Is it to our spiritual good? We sometimes complain that the Lord does not answer prayers; perhaps we are praying for the wrong things.

God always seeks our greater good – we do not. Illness can be an example of this. At such times, we might pray for healing, leaving no room for God to act within us. By all means ask the Lord to heal, but only if this is His will for us; it may be that this time of trial is to our spiritual benefit, and that through it, He has many graces planned for us. Of course, healing may also be part of His plan for us – but remember to thank Him, regardless!

In our prayers today, may we have the trust in God to lay our desires and our plans before Him, allowing Him the freedom to act as He chooses best for us, confident that He wants only the best for us.

Jesus, we TRUST in You.