St Faustina Kowalska

“The Lord grants His graces in two ways: by inspiration and by enlightenment. If we ask God for a grace, He will give it to us; but let us be willing to accept it. And in order to accept it, self-denial is needed. Love does not consist in words or feelings, but in deeds. It is an act of the will; it is a gift; that is to say, a giving. The reason, the will, the heart – these three faculties must be exercised during prayer.”

(Words of St Faustina, Diary para.392)

How often do we complain that the Lord has not answered our prayer, or has not answered it in the way we wanted. Sometimes, it is we who have not allowed the Lord to respond as He desires – always respectful of our free-will, the Creator has been constrained by the creature. We have not allowed Him to act. Our heart, our will and our reason have not been united in intention during prayer. Saint Augustine exemplified this when he prayed – ‘Give me chastity, but not yet’.

When we pray, may we do so with purity of intention and with unity of heart, will and reason; and may we be freely prepared to deny ourselves in order to accept and embrace the grace for which we ask, that it might transform us.