I remember many years ago when a new British political party emerged, calling themselves The Green Party. The clue was in the name; this party was very much about the environment. Initially ridiculed by many, the party has resolutely stuck to it’s guns and continued to campaign for the environment. And, as the years rolled by, many people gradually began to realise that the environment was indeed something we needed to consider – a finite resource, for which every single one of us has responsibility.

These days, people don’t laugh any more – the evidence that we are actively damaging the environment is irrefutable. The question is no longer ‘are we damaging the planet?’. Rather, it is ‘how fast are we damaging the planet?’

As environmental issues have gathered pace over the years, the debate (initially) and comment (ultimately) have come from some unexpected quarters – scientists were the first, followed by the campaigners and politicians. But now, a new voice has entered the arena – Pope Francis. Tomorrow, he will publish a new Encyclical entitled ‘Laudato Si’, which looks at environmental issues. I have no idea what the document contains as I have tried to avoid the pre-release comment until the actual document is made public. But I look forward to the news tomorrow and to finally finding out what the Holy Father has to say on the matter.