“O Mary, Mother of Grace, Mother of Mercy, take my dear parents and our whole family under Your special care. Show Yourself as a Mother to us now and at all times, and particularly at the hour of death. To my dearest parents as a token fo gratitiude with the promise of daily prayers, your daughter, who loves you sincerely. Sister M Faustina.”

– letter to her family
Vilnius, 15th December 1934

It is easy sometimes to become so wrapped up in our own needs and concerns that we forget our duties and responsibilities toward others.

In this brief letter from Saint Faustina, she provides us with a salutary reminder of what is important – in this case, to pray for those nearest and dearest to us, and to whom we owe a debt of gratitude in our prayers.

Faustina was very busy trying to write her spiritual Diary at the express command of Father Sopocko, something she could only do whenver she had a spare moment of free time – not an easy thing to come by in the midst of convent life. She was also living the busy life of a religious Sister in community, with all the daily toil and responsibility this brings in it’s wake. And she was deeply immersed in the profound spiritual experiences granted to her so kindly by the Merciful Lord.

And yet, in the midst of all this, still she remembers to find time to write to her family, whom she had not seen for some time and who – to begin with, at least, were not at all happy at her decision to enter religious life.

There is a message here for all of us.

We, too, have a responsibilty to our parents and families, whether alive or dead. We should not fail to remember them in our daily prayers, asking God’s blessing and grace upon them if they are still in this world, or His mercy for them if they have already died.

In our prayers tinight, let us look at these words of Saint Faustina and emulate her example if we do not already do so.