Last night a further ‘Nightfever’ event was held in St Aloysius Church, Garnethill, Glasgow. This particular form of New Evangelisation takes place all over the world.

Last night in Glasgow was the busiest I have seen it so far. It struck me what a very simple idea it is – and yet, how very effective and how profound. Simple ideas are usually the most effective.

At each such evening, the format is both simple and relaxed.

Following Mass, the Church is darkened and then illumined only by candlelight. The Blessed Sacrament is exposed in the Monstrance upon the Altar, from which streams of red and white cloth flow, as in the image above. This represents the Heart of Christ, pierced by the lance upon the Cross, and also the Image of Divine Mercy – in this Image, the red symbolises the Blood which is the life of souls, and the white symbolises the water which sanctifies souls. In other words, we are seeing a representation of both redemptive and sanctifying grace, flowing from the Lord, Who is the Source of all grace and all mercy. All around the Monstrance, there are candles befitting the One Who is the Light of the World.

Volunteers co-ordinate the evening and go out into the streets to ask people to consider spending even just a moment with the Lord.

As people enter the Church, they are offered a small candle to light and to place on the steps of the Sanctuary. These people may spend only a minute or two in the Presence of the Lord, or they may spend longer than that.

Gentle music plays at points during the evening, and there are Priests available to hear Confessions, or simply to speak with anyone who approaches them. In the pews, people sit quietly or pray before the Lord, leaving whenever they choose to do so.

The impetus of the evening is the knowledge that spending time with the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament is a moment of great grace, indeed, a foretaste of Heaven itself. Having attended a number of such evenings, I have no doubt whatsoever that this is the case, and that the Lord is infinitely generous with His mercy and graces for the souls who come to adore Him.

Last night, I considered how the evening was like the Wise Men adoring the new-born Christ Child; also like the people standing near the Cross on Calvary; and like the glory of Heaven, where the adoration of the Lord will never cease.

In this Jubilee of Mercy, Nightfever seems like such a well-considered and timely venture, simple and yet profound, and effective in bringing souls to the Lord.

I pray it will continue to be so and that many souls respond to the invitation.