‘Divine Mercy In My Soul’

extracts from the Diary of Saint Faustina

“Do not pay so much attention to the vessel of grace as to the grace itself which I give you, because you are not always pleased with the vessel and then the graces, too, become deficient. I want to guard you from that, and I want you never to pay attention to the vessel in which I send you My grace. Let all the attention of your soul be concentrated on responding to My grace as faithfully as possible.”

(Diary, entry no.1599)

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Little Visits

The gemstones for me over this past year are my little visits to the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament at my parish Church, where the doors are always open during the day.

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The Holy Family

The Holy Family of Nazareth – Jesus, the Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph – is the model of the Christian family; it is a school of deep sanctity, as all of the recent Popes have reminded us.

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The Manger of Bethlehem

Merciful Jesus, You come to us as a little Child, the long awaited Christ of Whom the Prophets spoke. I think about Your coming, O Lord, as I gaze upon the Manger of Bethlehem.

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Pass Through You

There is no getting away from the fact that if we are devoted to the message of Divine Mercy, then we are called to be not only witnesses of mercy, but also to be vessels of mercy.

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The Power of Kindness

In our prayers today, may the Lord grant us the grace to be kind toward others, not counting the cost and seeking nothing back in return. And in this way, may we better reflect His own love.

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Constant Compassion

The task of the Blessed Virgin is to bring us ever closer to Her Son; so let us ask the Lord for the special grace to love His Mother as She deserves to be loved.

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A Reminder of Mercy

One of the great things about the Image of Mercy is that it is a very visual reminder of the meaning of mercy – and also of the requirements it places upon us.

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Set The Earth On Fire

These words do not sound like that kind and gentle Jesus we know from the Gospels, loving and compassionate to all who approach Him – what can they mean?

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Expectant Waiting

The Church encourages to to look forward to the joy of Christmas and beyond, to the dawning of a new age. In the Gospel of Luke, the Lord tells us what to do – ‘stay awake, praying at all times’.

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F e a t u r e d    C o n t e n t

The Letters of Saint Faustina

The private letters of Saint Faustina, written to her family, her Sisters and Superiors in religion, and to her beloved Confessors. These letters provide an insight into her interior spirituality and those matters closest to her heart.

Peace In My Soul

How do we respond to trial and tribulation? As something to be borne amidst much complaining and disdain? Or as an opportunity for sanctification and for God’s glory?

Cor Immaculata

Dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Saints, our sister site features original articles on various aspects of Marian devotion and spirituality. It will enkindle your devotion to the Mother of God. Learn something of why so many of the Saints and Popes were deeply devoted to the Queen of Heaven, our Model in the faith.

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“Mary is so closely united to Jesus because she received from Him the knowledge of the heart, the knowledge of faith, nourished by Her experience as a mother and by Her close relationship with Her Son.”  – Pope Francis


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