“As to myself, I am glad that shortly I will be able to make the decisive step and am praying ardently for more abundant light.. since Father Andrasz cannot give me definitive advice concerning this issue. He told me to pray fervently and add some mortifications until the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus; I feel that on that day I shall finally make a decisive step.”

– Letter to Father Sopocko
Cracow, 2nd June 1936

Not even the Saints have all the answers to all the questions in life; like every single one of us they, too, struggle with decisions in particular areas and need assistance.

All too often, we rely on our own intellects and abilities in reaching decisions, which ultimately result in a particular act of the will in one direction or another. In short, we tend to rely on self. If the Saints teach us anything at all, it is never to rely on self. Instead, we should rely on God, Who knows us intimately and who always desires what is best for us – ‘best’ according to His will, not ours.

My personal experience is that reliance on self is often a recipe for disaster of one kind or another. My will is fickle, my intellect an abiities very limited, and my vision extends no burther than the next moment. God, on the other hand, enjoys no such limitations.

The core message of the Divine Mercy deovtion is to TRUST. In these words from Saint Faustina’s letter, she exemplifies this attitude of trust and complete surrender to God; she seeks His divine will through the light ggranted in prayer, and she is patient in that light being given to her.

Perhaps today, in whatever matters we might be wrestling with in order to reach a decision, we may do similarly, and leave the way open for the Lord to enlighten and guide us, and to make His will known to us.