“Satan has admitted to me that I am the object of his hatred. He said that –

‘a thousand souls do me less harm than you do when you speak of the great mercy of the Almighty One. The greatest sinners regain confidence and return to God, and I lose everything. But what is more, you persecute me personally with that unfathomable mercy of the Almighty One’. 

I took note of the great hatred Satan has for the mercy of God. He does not want to acknowledge that God is good.”

(Diary, para.1167)

In these times, evil is coming out of the shadows and the Demon is hard at work to drag souls to Hell. The great antidote to his actions is the work of Divine Mercy. As Saint Faustina notes above in her Diary, the Evil One detests this work of mercy – it loses him souls, who go back to God with confidence in His love and goodness. Divine Mercy is an affront to the Devil; the soul can always repent and return to God, while the Devil has made an irrevocable choice for evil over good.

May the Lord greatly bless His work of mercy in the world, that many more souls will hear and respond to this great message of our day, no matter the magnitude of their sins; the mercy of God is greater than sin.