“I stayed for Adoration.. When I approached the Altar and began to meditate on the Passion of the Lord Jesus, a terrible pain immediately filled my soul because of the ingratitude of so many souls living in the world; but particularly painful was the ingratitude of souls especially chosen by God.. Each time I though of God’s great mercy and of the ingratitude of souls, pain stabbed at my heart, and I understood how painfully it wounded the sweetest Heart of Jesus. With a burning heart, I renewed my act of self-oblation sin behalf of sinners.”

(Words of St Faustina, Diary entry 384)

Merciful Lord, I look at the Crucifix so often that sometimes, I fail to really comprehend what I am seeing before my eyes – the reality of Your holy Passion and Death on the Cross. And because I forget this, I then forget the immense debt of gratitude I owe to You for dying for me. As Saint Faustina reminds me, this ingratitude on my part must tear terribly at Your Sacred Heart. For this, I am truly sorry.

Merciful Lord, help me to look upon the Crucifix in no other way than with sentiments of the deepest love and gratitude to You; and in so doing, to be deeply moved in the contemplation of Your Passion and Death. I know, Lord, that had I been the only person alive in the history of the world, still you would gladly have undergone the Passion for my sake alone, that I might have salvation.

Merciful Lord, nothing I can do will ever come close to repaying Your infinite love for me – but I promise that I will never forget the debt I owe You. From now on, the Crucifix will be for me both the sign and the reminder of this.

Heart of Jesus, which underwent the torments of the Passion for love of me, I trust in You.