“God gave me to know that He is pleased with what has already been done. Immersed in prayer and close to God, I experienced profound peace in my soul concerning this whole work. The difficulties are troubles associated with this work are only a trial, and we must accept them as a trial, but never as if these difficulties  were a proof that this work is not pleasing to God. It is precisely becausde it is so pleasing to God that it is persecuted and must undergo a test of fire.”

Letter to Father Sopocko
Cracow, 21st February 1938

This letter is addressed to Father Sopocko, for whom Sister Faustina had the deepest respect, because she was clear that he had been sent to her by the Lord as part of His plan of Mercy. In this letter, the nun wrote about various trials difficulties, but she makes it clear that each of these have a purpose – to prove that the work of Mercy comes from the Lord, Who tests it in this way.

In the letter from Fr Sopocko to which Sister Faustina is replying, he had noted some difficulties which he had experienced. Faustina then speaks about the immense power of prayer in placing such difficulties before the Merciful Lord, trusting always in His Mercy. She writes about hos the Lord sometimes takes one thing away from us, in order to give us something more beneficial and whcih will give Him greater glory. She then tells Fr Sopocko something the Lord had told her when she prayed for Father Sopocko –

“Be at peace, I will give him nothing that is beyond his strength. He will be victorious through patience. It is within My power to change opposed hearts.”

I imagine that hearing such testimony from a soul one considers to be truly holy, must be a remarkable experience – and one which brings both comfort and peace. But there is a lesson here for all of us – no matter what we are asked to undergo, the Lord is aware and is watching us, and He provides every grace and all the strength and patience we need. All we have to do is TRUST in His infinite mercy and grace. The Lord will never abandon us, no matter what.

For you who read these words of Saint Faustina, a Saint very dear to the Heart of the Lord, apply these words to your own situation and your own needs; what the Lord says to Faustina about Father Sopocko, He says of you, too. TRUST in Him.

You, too, are most dear to His Heart.