“I am returning your note with the sentence about Mercy; that sentence is absolutely correct.

The time of action has come, and see in the booklet with the image of the Merciful Christ on it’s cover, the beginning of this action.”

Letter of Blessed Fr Sopocko to St Faustina, 10th July 1936

They say a picture speaks a thousand words.

With the Divine Mercy devotion, this was certainly the case – it was the Image of the Merciful Jesus that really began to get things moving; or rather, it was the grace of God working through the Image.

People tend to be very visual – a painting can move us in ways that words often cannot, even when those words are expressed beautifully. A picture, however, touches the heart in a very direct way.

This Image of the Merciful Jesus has certainly touched hearts, drawing them ever deeper into the Divine Mercy devotion so that souls move from the Image onto the other aspects of the devotion revealed by the Lord to Sister Faustina. And yet, it is the Image which is central to everything else. It is the Image which is the work of grace at the heart of the devotion. As the Lord told the young sister, the beauty of the Image lies not in the colour nor the work of the brush of the artist, but in His grace alone. The Divine Mercy IMage is a channel and conduit of great divine grace.

When next you pray before this Image, remember to take a moment to thank the Lord for commissioning His servant, St Faustina, to have this Image painted, and for the endeavours of His servant, Blessed Father Sopocko, who arranged everything so well and in accord with the will of the Merciful Lord.

Jesus, we TRUST in You.