“On Holy Thursday, I experienced for a while what Jesus experienced. He alowed me to take part in the interior agony which He suffered. It is difficult for me to describe this in detail. I only know that this impressed a new mark on my soul. I also experienced in a special way Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday, but each day differently. God willing, I shall discuss this with you in greater detail one of these days.”

Letter to Fr Sopocko
Walendow, 10th May 1936

A Saint once noted, wryly, that the Lord allows His friends to suffer – and so He has very few of them. There is a certain truth in both parts of this statement.

The Lord does indeed allow His chosen souls to suffer – but this should not really be a surprise; after all, all of us suffer in one way or another and perhaps the difference with the Saints is that they make sure their suffering is united to that of Christ, so that it becomes truly redemptive for souls. Saint Faustina’s letter notes how difficult she finds it to describe the interior suffering which the Lord allowed her, since it was intimately united to His own suffering during His Passion.

Perhaps sanctity isn’t always about doing extraordinary things – sometimes, it is simply doing the ordinary, but in an extraordinary way. Suffering is part of the common path of humanity – but most of us tend to moan about it and make sure all around us know of our sufferings. Of course, in doing this those sufferings often lose any interior value they might have had. Silence, patience, fortitude and a desire to leave ourselves open to the Divine Will are a much better – and far more profitable – path.

In times of suffering and trial, one of the most profitable things we can do is to meditate on the Passion, and to use a Crucifix to help us in this. Words are not as important as the sentiments that fill our hearts in these moments. Indeed, in the Diary of St Faustina, the Lord speaks on a few occasions about the depth of the value that can be found in such meditation.

When next we are called to bear some kind of suffering, let us unite ourselves to Christ in His Passion by an interior disposition of our heart and our will, and then bear that suffering patiently and silently, knowing that it amasses for souls treasure in Heaven.